All is Found – Frozen 2

Blog.  I can’t remember which sporadic Audacity recording this will be, so won’t bother numbering it.  I began my singing lessons again a few months ago, after The Virus brought them to a halt. I’d been too scared to do anything in the immediate onslaught of The Virus so didn’t take up my teacher’s offer of online lessons. This was also due to the stammer. Not good at the best of times, the thought of communicating via Zoom didn’t bode well.  Anyway, I decided to ‘do’ the online lessons when I realised they’d offer some respite from the fact that I remain almost house-bound (my own anxiety-ridden decision) for the duration of the pandemic.  Turns out Zoom lessons was the right decision.

I’m not one to do homework.  I began the singing lessons as a hobby, a sort of nice way to pass time. I like to sing but curiously don’t do it very much around the house. My teacher has clocked on to the fact that I rarely practice my singing assignments.  I thought I’d been getting away with this until last week when, during my lesson, I clicked on the score for Send in the Clowns (which had the lyrics), a song I was supposed to have learned by heart.  When I clicked on the score (and a piano accompaniment supplied by my teacher, the first time I’d done this as I usually sing unaccompanied) my teacher’s Zoom window went very small and shot off to the right-hand corner of my screen.  My own window disappeared.  I therefore believed that she could no longer see me (I’m an idiot.)  So there was I, sitting on my kitchen chair in the lounge, in front of my laptop, warbling Send in the Clowns, whilst madly scrolling down the score, and up again, whenever it jumped to another verse.  When I’d finished, I clicked both the score and accompaniment away and my window popped up again.  ‘Well done on juggling both the score and the accompaniment,’ my teacher intoned.  I was suitably subdued and sheepish.

In an effort to get me to do homework, or ‘a task’ as she puts it, my teacher has asked that I record a song on Audacity each week to be played in the lesson. This was actually a brilliant idea as it a) gives me a reason to sing and b) to use Audacity.  I am attempting to put her lessons into practice,  i.e. more breath control; more word clarity; more feeling.  She asked me to record Send in the Clowns, but I went with All is Found, the lullaby from the delightful Frozen 2.  The captivating Frozen 2. Yes, Frozen 2! which is currently running ad nauseam on Sky and I LOVE IT.  I didn’t see it first time around so am making up for lost time in Arendelle. Thankfully All is Found is quite short, so I spent a fairly enjoyable hour on my Audacity yesterday morning.

Below is All is Found, both for you Blog and my singing teacher. As ever, earphones produce the best sound if you should wish to don them dear Blog.

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