Hello there.  If, by some tiny miracle of the internet (considering I don’t ‘do’ social media) you happen to have landed on this blog and are not  a) my mother or b) somebody who spams, then welcome (not that my mother isn’t entirely welcome of course.)

My blog title is pretty self-explanatory.  I’m also mum to Harry and Sam, but there’s a blog title that was never going to work. This blog is a kind of jumble of written pieces (and songs I record using Audacity) concerning all kinds of odds and ends, various bits and bobs and a smattering of this and that – just my take on whatever catches my eye on this journey we call life.

Well, that’s the least amount of information about me that I feel I can just about get away with on an ‘About’ page.

Happy browsing.

PS  Leave a comment if you feel sufficiently moved by any of my posts.  The blog that no one reads is in dire need of comments – so long as they’re not scary, weird or inappropriate 🙂


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