Covid-19 Diaries – April 5th

Blog, I now know why my GP was so dismissive of The Virus. Writing in The Guardian (seems to be my go-to paper these days, probably because it’s one of the few that you can read for free) a GP catalogued his experience with Covid-19, beginning with the fact that back in January all GPs were sent a bulletin which stated that a ‘novel Wuhan coronavirus’ had emerged and that:  ‘Current reports describe no evidence of significant human to human transmission, including no infections of healthcare workers,”   The GPs were also told that this was a virus of Chinese origin and would probably remain in China.  So that was alright then. Back then the WHO had not yet got their politically correct hands on The Virus and had yet to re-name the ‘little buggers’ so that China would not be implicated.  Remember when ‘made in China’ used to be a joke?  And now it’s a death sentence.

In keeping with my current pessimistic, angry and disillusioned mood, here is the new Bond Theme by Billie Eilish, re-purposed for these trying times.  I call it:

I Just Don’t Wanna Die.

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