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Afternoon Tea

I’ve been busy here and there, although ‘being busy’ is definitely a relative term when you’re a housewife.  For instance, I think going to Sainsbury’s means I’m ‘busy,’ or wafting a duster around, or going along to my various choirs.  It’s true that if you … Continue reading Afternoon Tea

My 9/11

I didn’t realise it was the 15th anniversary of the death of the Twin Towers until last night when, flicking through the TV channels, I saw something called ‘The Falling Man’ flash by on Sky’s TV guide. It was just the kind of vague title … Continue reading My 9/11

The Graduate

A graduate ceremony is not for the kids; I mean the young adults, the next generation or, in this case, son No.3.  Of course, the sons (or daughters) may believe that the ceremony process is all about them, but no; your average graduation ceremony is … Continue reading The Graduate

The Cruise

Sitting on a becalmed boat (well, a colossus of a ship that’s 17 decks high) whilst marooned in the middle of a somewhat eerily mist-filled North Sea, is as good a time as any to contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything. A … Continue reading The Cruise